January 15, 2024

Tema West Businesses Actively Contribute to Ongoing Ghana 2024 Integrated Business Establishment Survey.

The Tema West Municipal Assembly is currently immersed in the bustling activity of the ongoing Phase 1 of Ghana's 2024 Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES). Launched on January 14, 2024, this sweeping economic census is a collaborative effort between the community, businesses, and the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) to meticulously account for enterprises of all sizes and types, shaping the future of the municipality's economic landscape.

From the heart of the bustling marketplaces to the industrial complexes that drive commerce, businesses in Tema West are actively participating in interviews, surveys, and data collection processes. The dedication of local entrepreneurs and the cooperation of the community highlight the significance of this survey in capturing the diversity and vitality of the municipal economy.

Phase 1, which is currently ongoing, serves as the initial foray into understanding the spectrum of businesses within Tema West. Whether small or large, for-profit or non-profit, situated in open spaces or within buildings (including residential buildings, market structures, and industrial buildings), the survey aims to leave no stone unturned in its mission to create a comprehensive economic profile.

Local business owners express their optimism about the survey, recognizing its potential to provide valuable insights that can inform strategic decisions and policies. The survey teams, comprised of dedicated individuals from the Ghana Statistical Service, navigate the streets, lanes, and alleys of Tema West, ensuring that every business is accounted for in this ambitious endeavor.

The success of Phase 1 lays the groundwork for the subsequent phase scheduled for June 2024. Phase II will delve even deeper, unraveling specific sectors, demographics, and regional intricacies unique to Tema West, further enriching the economic narrative of the municipality.

The Tema West Municipal Assembly applauds the active involvement of businesses and residents in this ongoing survey, emphasizing the importance of accurate and comprehensive data for future development initiatives. As the survey progresses, the municipality anticipates a more detailed and nuanced understanding of its economic landscape, setting the stage for targeted growth and sustainable development.

The Ghana 2024 Integrated Business Establishment Survey is not merely a statistical exercise; it is a collaborative journey shaping the economic future of Tema West. With Phase 1 in full swing, the municipality looks forward to a successful completion, further solidifying its commitment to fostering economic growth, innovation, and prosperity.

Credit : Statistician Department